11 February 2015

Think the world is fair? Then it must be the victim's fault ...

Victim blaming or seeming like a terrible person can come from believing the world is fair. The alternative is a kind of cynicism that puts all us hairless apes in a shared precarious position where maybe we better want to help our fellow man?

Parallels to the wealthy (represented by Monopoly players who start with extra money) feeling entitled (and believing the poor deserve their opposite fate). As Paul put it, "Does money make you mean?"

Guilty, Then Proven Innocent - With eight successful exonerations so far, North Carolina's Innocence Inquiry Commission could be a national model for fighting wrongful convictions. At least we can get rid of improper convictions of the innocent by ridding the system of bad science

It that's all too depressing, die high in this brave new world - trip treatment really works. Like the taboo on cannabis research, "mind-manifesting" drugs like psilocybin have been removed from medical research for too long and now show promise in our approach to the end.

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