27 November 2009

Getting a PODS in Oakland - not easy. PSPickup.com - easier, smaller

PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) will not deliver one of their storage units to the parking spot in front our your house in Oakland unless you (1) get an encroachment permit and (2) get them a copy of it at least a few days before they're supposed to drop off.

Better option:
PS Pickup

PS Pickup has smaller boxes, so they don't need an encroachment permit. They're located in Oakland and I was connected with a great rep named Tate. He even said he'd deliver an extra storage unit but if we didn't use it he wouldn't charge us (each box is about $75).

A little more expensive (about $50 more for a move and store for less than one month and local move) but less than the cost of the encroachment permit.

PODS - not a real option.
PS Pickup - good option.

That is all.

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