20 August 2009

Breaking the News: "News stories" missing 3 of 4 important components

Matt at Newsless posted this outstanding analysis of the deficits of today's news industry.
As he explains, using Health Care reform coverage as an example:
  1. WHAT WE GET: What just happened
  2. WHAT WE MISS (1): The longstanding facts
  3. WHAT WE MISS (2): How journalists know what they know
  4. WHAT WE MISS (3): The things we don’t know
His solution to the "latest-news-only approach":
  • Enlarging the market for journalism by making it easier for more people to understand the longstanding facts behind each story.
  • Increasing the appeal of journalism by letting folks in on the details of our quest to uncover the truth.
  • Expanding the appetite for journalism by explaining what we don’t know, and what we’re working to find out.

As news consumers, we should be demanding these things as well. After all, right now we’re only getting the lamest part of the story.

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