06 May 2009

Legos ... wait ... can they do that? (and bullying the cyberbully)

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3 years for "cyber" bully ... prosecutor's reasoning: "let that be a lesson to the rest of ya!" Probation's recommendation: $5,000 fine and felony probation.

“A probationary sentence might embolden others to use the Internet to torment and exploit children.” ... because adults who post mean messages to kids on MySpace follow the news and case law so closely that their decision to post or not will be influenced by someone (who the probably agree is stupid or worse) convicted of a felony went to prison rather than being fined and put on probation ... right.

Most prosecutors have a much more reasonable view of the impact of sentencing on those other than the criminal defendant, i.e., next to nothing because crimes are committed while people are upset or under the influence -- so the sentence (which they probably never heard about) of someone they probably never heard of has no impact on their decisions.

And yes, it's silly that Oprah is helping KFC in their current bullshit promotion to sell non-fried chicken ... it's just a lure to get people into the store, get hooked on the secret recipe, then draw them back for fried goodness. Maybe not, but it's certainly not part of any sane weight management plan. It'd be better to give away wiffle ball bats to your friends and tell them to wack you if they saw you reach for cake ... like the left over cake from my office potluck ... that I managed not to eat today ... and that I'm not going to eat tomorrow ... no. No!

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