19 April 2009

Don't let me eat that - you know I'm trying to lose weight! Seriously, stop allowing me to eat so much carp.

Brian (the dog) sings for decriminalization ... followed by recriminalization ... followed by an ad by "above the influence" which was not unlike the ad Family Guy had just mocked:

Hairless chimp as seen on boingboing.

John Madden retires, or, as Kottke put it "I'm glad Madden's not dead but I'm sad that he's retiring from calling football games." My mom once tried to dance with Madden at a bat mitzvah for my cousin Lexi ... good times.

Obama reads 10 letters from voters everyday. NYTimes article about how they're picked.

Strip search a 13 y/o girl if you think she has Advil? Bad idea.

Waterboarding used 226 times on 2 people ... which the Wall St. Journal says proves we didn't torture. Sure it does fellas, the twisted logic (even calling it that is a stretch) shows they didn't call it torture ... so ... um ... it wasn't. Right.

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