28 January 2009

Funny for you, Doctor?

Dr. Horrible - long live NPH

Dr. McNinja - yes, he's a doctor and a ninja.

28 Day Slater: Mario Lopez becomes AC Slater every February watch!

teamtigerawesome.com — Mario Lopez is normal all year except every February when he thinks he's AC Slater all month because of an implant left in his head. By Team Tiber Awesome. Also, Dr. Horrible and Dr. McNinja ... ever wonder why they're both doctors? Makes you wonder, right?

27 January 2009

Nothing to see here, move along

The Flesh of Physics - why animals walk/move the way they do ... biomechanics.

Space shuttle cockpit

The Anti-NIMBY crowd - they want to keep their prisons for the cheap/free labor.

Which way to point your antenna - plug in your address and get your free HDTV signal over the air.

23 January 2009

News and blogs of interest

Got a new dog, Colbey - he's ugly gorgeous according to friends. Part Jack Russell and part FSM knows what.

Blogs of interest today:
Fitness results take time apparently ... lame.

Enjoying work a lot right now. And my plants at the office are not dying, probably a good sign.

20 January 2009

Summary of Biggest Loser Diet

Is this a good diet? Meh, it's fine. I just like having the information in summary form, thought you might be curious too:

My summary:
  • 7+ hours exercise/week
    • approaching max heart rate
    • usually over two sessions/day
  • Ratio of food:
    • 4 fruit/veg,
    • 3 protein,
    • 2 grains,
    • 1 fat/booze/sweets/misc.
  • Ratio of food sources:
    • 45% carbs,
    • 30% protein,
    • 25% fats
  • Calorie counting: less than 7 x weight per day (i.e., 7 x 300 lbs = 2100 lbs/day)
Summaries from:
(1) WebMD
(2) Rebeccascritchfield

13 January 2009

DIY City Repair?

Is it crazy to think that if I posted some signs around a given area in Oakland and then posted to facebook, some Oakland blogs, and some friends that we could gather >50 people to clean up a few blocks of trash, screwed up signs, and general schmutz and even plant a few trees?

08 January 2009

More on money: Look very little to find whatever it is you want to hear

Either I'm beginning to have enough money to start saving for retirement or just old enough start worrying about not having enough money later. But who the hell knows what to do with/for/about a 457, 401(k), 403(b), Roth IRA, variable/fixed annuities, mutual/index funds, Caps of different sizes, fees for just about everything, or whether anyone can/should buy a house (rent-ratios? 80/10/10 loans? what?).

The more I look for some rational way to decide or understand any of this crap, the more I believe that if you think something is true, odd are you'll find plenty of people to agree with you ... regardless of which side of an issue you fall on. It's called cognitive bias.

Should you invest like a Boglehead/diehard or actively manage your accounts?
Buy or rent?
Stock market or annuities? (fixed vs. variable annuities?)
Roth vs. Traditional IRA?

If you think "hey, I've heard that Roth IRAs are better" then you'll find articles that support your belief and you'll discount those that disagree. Think you can beat the indexes? You'll find others who agree (and if you think you're better off just matching the markets gains [my thoughts] then you'll find Bogleheads who agree with you as though no one else could possibly be thinking right). Again, cognitive bias.

So how the hell does anyone figure out what is actually best? Even talking with non-commission fee professionals gives different results for most based on very different assumptions by the financial adviser you happen upon at the time. Besides, they're freaking expensive.

WTF? How does anyone actually retire without their head exploding?