02 December 2008

Rapid fire advice

Your computer is full of viruses and spyware. Install:
Advanced SystemCare (scans and optimizes your computer, cleans old/useless files automatically)
AVG AntiVirus (free anti-virus that works well and doesn’t slow your computer down – you should uninstall any other anti-virus programs - they cost money and slow your computer)

Your computer doesn't play all videos (or plays them poorly). Install:
K-Lite Codec Pack (most of the “codec’s” required to play just about any video you’ll come across. Select all the standard options during setup)

Your credit cards suck. Get one of the following:
Chase Freedom
- 3% cashback from the three areas you spend the most (i.e., gas, drug store,
etc), 1% on the rest, $50 sign up bonus, save up $200 cashback and get a $50 bonus.
Costco American Express Business - 5% cashback on gas, 3% on some other crap, 1% on everything else including at Costco (only credit card you can use there). Use your name as the "business" name.

Never carry a balance, all credit card interest rates are terrible. If you can't afford something find a loan for it on terms you understand and accept; it's shit to cover it on a card, always.

Kill it with fire.