10 October 2008

New Job - Week 1: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Just had my first court appearance at the new job - feels pretty damn good.

HR training for a couple days, eat out for lunch plenty and the food's not half bad, the people in my office are just about as happy, funny, and crazy as I could possibly have hoped. There are at least three serious Dead Heads, come on! There are some things I didn't expect, but overall they fall in the "really? sweet!" category rather than the "oh fuck, there's traffic in American Canyon?!?" category.

Also feeling good about:
(1) telling people that they should expect an Obama blow out a couple months ago
(2) starting a deferred comp plan when, hopefully, the price of stocks are as low as they're going to get ... hopefully.

Tonight - I think wine is in order!

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