16 October 2008

LRAP coming through - model participation numbers

When we were working to improve Boalt's LRAP, I often used myself as an example though I was not certain that I would qualify because I entered law school thinking I would work for plaintiffs (which would not be covered by LRAP). As it turned out, I am a pretty good example of a public sector employee who is covered generously by LRAP:

LRAP will repay up to $100,000 of my law school loans (which actually amounted to about $95,000) if I make less than $58,000 ... otherwise every dollar over that has to have $0.33 go toward my loans. My salary is just over $66,000.

So each month I have to pay about $1,200 so that my loans will be repaid within 10 years of graduation. Because I make $8,000 over the annual limit, 33% of that ($2,667) over a year will go toward my loans and LRAP will cover the remainder -- thus, LRAP will lend me, then forgive a loan for about $13,000 over the next 12 months (or about $1,100/month).

After 10 years I would not qualify for any payment, but while I'm starting off this is welcome relief - now I can buy Megan all the things she wants - actually, she's got most the things she wants except for us to spend more time playing with Tikka ... I miss Tikka when I'm at work ... maybe I can tell everyone I'm training a seeing-eye dog and I need to socialize it by bringing it to work ... maybe I need to just work harder so I can get home sooner ...

Moment of Zen via Andrew Sullivan:

Who guards the portal to hell? Three headed puppies

10 October 2008

New Job - Week 1: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Just had my first court appearance at the new job - feels pretty damn good.

HR training for a couple days, eat out for lunch plenty and the food's not half bad, the people in my office are just about as happy, funny, and crazy as I could possibly have hoped. There are at least three serious Dead Heads, come on! There are some things I didn't expect, but overall they fall in the "really? sweet!" category rather than the "oh fuck, there's traffic in American Canyon?!?" category.

Also feeling good about:
(1) telling people that they should expect an Obama blow out a couple months ago
(2) starting a deferred comp plan when, hopefully, the price of stocks are as low as they're going to get ... hopefully.

Tonight - I think wine is in order!

04 October 2008

Looking at yourself in the mirror

In all the things we care about, we will try hard enough so that even if we fail any job or principle we won't look itself in the mirror afterward and ask, "what more could we have done?"

[h/t fivethirtyeight and random bar exam study advice pass from an unknown to Jim to me]

But we also cannot always do everything that might have helped out cause. This does not mean anything less that 100% focus on each of our goals is required, nor possible. But that we must know what we care about and hold up our own standards, even or especially when no one is watching, in doing what we can for what we value.

Today, I'm going to remind myself about what is important to me in the moment and collection of moments I remember myself by and may be remembered by. Monday I'm going to start making some damn good memories. Sunday? Bike ride, chores, PT, sleep, dirty jokes, CALCRIM, hypermiling, plumbing, find friends in NV, blah, blah, blah.

Written on 3 hours of sleep after a good Friday night ... sleepppppppppppppppppppppp