01 September 2008

Free credit SCORE (not just report) estimate

[A] Financial ish - Credit scores and reports for free:
There are crappy "free" credit reports or scores available - usually it's a gimme for the first month then $8-50/month to keep the service going - and it's not easy to cancel.  

(1) But you can get a (very) good estimate of your score (300-800) from:

It's not your real score, but it is often VERY close - and it actually is free.

(2) You can also get a free credit report (just contains info on why you're good or bad to lend to, insure, or rent to - not a number) from Annual Credit Report.  All other "free" report sites are gimics or worse.  You can get a free score once a year from each of the three major tracking companies (creeped out that they know so much about you yet?) - so you can get three reports over the course of a year.

(3) I was excited about personal finance blogs and information recently but I find them to be only useful for the best articles in their archives rather than their newer content - most people seem to have only a few good ideas to contribute and after that they post crapola or just link to other related blogs with slightly less useless info.  

[B] Personal fun:

(1) Trying out google's "Chrome" browser - not enough to switch from Firefox yet, but nice, clean and fast without all my plug-ins (ad-block, spell check, and smooth scrolling missed the most) and features (like, oh, a homepage button - but opening a new tab brings up their clever "most visited" feature so it's nearly as useful as a homepage I suppose).  

(2) Added Consumerist and Lifehacker to my RSS feeds with some limitations - actually filters out the BS and promotional crap usually.  

(3) Didn't Palin's speech piss you off?  I mean, I was happy to keep give a few bucks and ride the Democratic tidal wave that has been building steam over the past 8 years, but I'm ready to start giving more time and will be making a stop by the local (3 blocks away!) Obama campaign office to start door knocking beyond my block and phone banking beyond my state.  I'm sure there were a few excited Right-wingnuters but honestly, they always get excited about the evil Democrats trying to kill babies and take away their money (even though both f-ing guys are going to create serious tax cuts when this is the last thing we need - $500 is a lot of money, but nothing compared to the services lost for families to whom $500 is a make or break amount - it doesn't make up for an extra year of head start when the replacement is expensive day care, it doesn't make up for the lost jobs and benefits from replacing and developing our infrastructure, or for even a few months of insurance for a family).  Here's to hoping Obama's team has a good plan for handling Palin - there are too many people saying "what he needs to do is [blah]" and too few people asking what they can do to help - so away I go to offer a hand!

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