13 August 2008

Where can I ask the internet questions?

Ready to do something more than google your questions?
Yahoo answers - lame for asking questions, okay for searching through other folks' questions/answers. Free, many bad answers and silly opinions. Need to put in time to gain points so you can ask or even rank questions/answers.

Experts-exchange - great for technical stuff often, check google's cache if you don't have an account (but accounts are free and non-invasive). Very intelligent answers to complex questions generally. Some "credit" for having your answers selected.

Metafilter / AskMetaFilter - great community, excellent and creative answers to very broad questions BUT it costs $5 to ask or answer questions (one time only fee). Fabulous, well moderated online community. Look at the questions ranked as daily, weekly, monthly, or all-time favorites - just great material!

Woody Allen:
"I cheated on my metaphysics exam ... I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me."

I wonder where you look for answers?

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