07 August 2008

Neck and arm pain ... self-treatment with shit around the house?

So now I'm on Megan's insurance plan and I'm considering going to the doctor to have my neck, shoulder, and arm checked out - I've had a bit of pain, starting in the neck and progressing down to my shoulder and neck beginning with the BAR EXAM (congrats those who just finished in spite of earth quakes and, well, the exam itself) over a year ago.
What does Kaiser recommend?
(1) Let it go away w/o a doctor's visit with
(a) stretching,
(b) pain killers (Jame's GF recommends a relatively high dose (600-1000mg) of Advil to get an anti-inflammatory effect).
(c) better posture,
(d) towel traction.

(2) Get your screwy neck to the Dr!

Kaiser (and the intar-webs) actually have some okay resources on this:
* Taking control of you back problem(s)
* Talking to your kids and lovers about cervical nerve irritation causing neck/arm pain
* Towel traction details
* Back exercises
* Cervical Radiculopathy - oh yeah, talk radiculopathy to me!

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