06 August 2008

Fix your slow Windows XP computer & other thoughts

What would a commute from Berkeley/Oakland to Solano county (Vallejo or Fairfield) look like? I think it would be pretty sweet! Talked to a super happy person up there and it's closer to home and Megan's work ... yesterday was a good day all around: lots done, work project coming along nicely and good news at work. Bummed to see some of the summer law clerks leaving, they're a good buffer from the least fun parts of the office at times. Summer is slipping away too quickly, time for a camping trip!

Speedup your slow Windows XP machine with the following tutorials
These will solve 90% of your problems - honestly, try them before going to your tech person and you'll be better for it!
Optimize XP (ignore the advice about not using Firefox, everything else is reasonable)
Simple Malware removal guide
Documents with similar information you can download

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