09 July 2008

Giving up on people, wedding, gray water

It's strange how it only takes one person close to you to lie and fail a couple times for you to start feeling alone and weak. The closer the person the less they need to screw up for you to get that same feeling. And the more often they fail the more you feel and hope that "this is the last time, they're going to be better" though you know that probably isn't the case. How's that for depressing optimism or failed cynicism? Now I understand how ... no, wait ... don't understand anything, just bummed.


So my wedding is this weekend - yes, we've got everything pretty much taken care of, the taco truck is arriving at 9:00 and the groomsmen's wives/girlfriends are monitoring them so they won't be hung over during the wedding.

I can't quite get it into my mind that the wedding is actually happening - in three days! At least the flashlights have arrived on time from around the globe.


Fun with gray water (wiki link):
Grey water is water at your house that goes down the drain other than water with harsh chemicals or human waste (basically, what's in the toilet or with heavy cleaning chemicals - that's called "black water" - just think of the shitty mercenaries / death contractors, Blackwater USA). Grey water includes most water down the sink or the shower drain. It makes up more than half the water the average house uses daily - and the average house uses over 200 gallons every day. You can "save" your grey water by collecting it in tanks that you either empty into the toilet (not the tank, but the bowl) to flush it or to water your plants (not on plants you eat, but for trees or on/under the ground surface).

The expensive pump / filter systems are not quite easy enough for the weekend DIY'er to put together in a way that is (1) reasonably affordable, (2) long lasting, (3) easy to maintain, or (4) has a positive overall impact on the environment (they take plenty of materials to build).

The cheap/easy systems basically include a small amount of plumbing, buckets, and some not too heavy lifting - like making your bathroom sink drain into a bucket then using that water to flush the toilet OR collecting rain water.

But the easiest, easiest method is to simply conserve water by changing your habits (shorter showers [or navy showers], wash tubs for your dishes, buying local foods [okay, that's a stretch, but it's a great idea],
How not to conserve water: don't drink it. Water's good all the time - drink it!


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Abe said...

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