21 July 2008

Daily links of goodness and fun

Car still missing (and hunt for an efficient replacement begins), insurance company is fun, great pics of the wedding coming from friends/family every day. First day back at the office since the honeymoon break (which was amazing, Tahoe and Truckee goodness) is going fine - it's nice to have people happy to see you're back even if it cuts into work for a minute or thirty. Actually, being relaxed from the break and happy with my generally fun office types makes me work about twice as fast. Dinner with pops tonight should be great as usual, teaching him to use a bluetooth earpiece tonight will be mellow.

Wants: new laptop, new car, massage, control over the office heating and AC.
Needs: reinstall windows, look for car/file insurance claim, Advil, less insulation/adipose.

Time for fun links:
There's something wrong with Mr. Bush's banana.
PC vs. Mac (vs. Linux) - don't ask
Why don't we see unicorns these days?
Suicide of sorts
First gaffe of Obama's trip to the Middle East ... by McCain

Less than fun links:
Uncomfortable Answers to Questions on the Economy
Crazed List - search multiple craigslist locations/cities at the same time!

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