16 June 2008

Public Defender Blogs - a collection of links

Long entires focused on specific clients - great material, looks like a collection of entries for a book really.

More frequently updated than many others, a little on the lighter side of things, but good articles and very topical.

Existing as a Public Defender
Original material with plenty of reasonable commentary.

LA Criminal Defender
LA and California specific generally, but plenty of original material and updated daily.

Criminal Defense Blog
Good stuff, though infrequently updated.

Public Defender Stuff
As they put it, "Indigent defense news, delivered fresh daily" - good aggregation of materials.

I'm a PD
Younger PD with plenty of insights and original material.

Crim Prof Blog
Not PD specific, but frequently updated and good commentary and comments by the community (usually).

Capital Defense Weekly's Blog
Here's their list of "what we're reading:"
A Public Defender
Arbitrary & Capricious
Blue Jersey
Capital Defense Network
C&J News
Crime & Consequences
Crim Law @ SSRN
IAVA blog
Innocence Project Daily
Justice Gambit
Kenn Lammer's Crim Law
Pardon Power
PD Stuff
Reason: Hit & Run
Sent.Law & Policy
Sex Crimes
Simple Justice
Speaking Freely
Stand Down
UnderDog Blog
Volokh Conspiracy


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