09 June 2008

My motorcycle stolen - fucked up by strangers - recovered

The Honda Shadow VT500c was stolen a couple weeks ago after lending it to a friend in SF for the summer.

Had to go to SF to file the police report. ($10 in gas) Why they can't take your driver's license and VIN over the phone is beyond me.

Gave up on recovering it immediately. Here's to lowered expectations. Wasn't even angry really.

Get a call about a week later - "This is officer Yamamotoyamo (also my favorite brand of tea) - we found your bike and we're going to to tow it to Auto Return."

NO! Auto Return and the tow will cost $250 plus more each night it stays. I call back and try to get there before my 20 minutes are up - actually took some arm twisting and sweet talking the cop and some speedy driving. $75 down the drain from 3 hours of missed work, $15 in gas.

The ignition and gas cap were drilled out, side battery cover missing, mirror missing, ignition wires cut, other electronics screwed with. Now I'm a little angry - the messed up my bike! Clearly not going to drive the bike away, calling the tow folks and chatting with nice ladies who live nearby who tell me it's been sitting there nearly all week. Construction workers nearby weren't feeling like talking (language barrier or not snitches - no problem either way).

$60 for a tow from The Bike Guy - Steve - who's awesome and happened to be very nearby. Side note: AAA doesn't cover your motorcycle for a tow. CC Rider is another good option.

Dave at O'Hanlon's (the only place to have your 80's and 90's Honda motorcyle worked on) tells me we're lucky that Honda still stocks the missing parts and he gives me a deal on storing the bike - yes, I'm that pitiful sounding over the phone apparently. Looks like they did about $300-350 of damage. I'll also have a new rear tire and brake put on - another $150 that it needed anyway.

All in all, I'm out a bit more than $500 from the theft - really lame. The bike is now being repaired and is bound for Craigslist after this summer.

Theft is lame - but I got it back and my friend is going to help with the cost of the repairs and whatnot. The world keeps spinning, I'm still getting married, everything's beautiful and amazing nearly all the time still. Meh, moving on.

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