22 May 2008

What kind of DJ are we looking for to do our wedding?

Crazy smart dressing friend asks, "is this a paid kind of thing?"

It's a paid thing, but we're looking for something quite a bit lower than the "shit, people go crazy for wedding, let's charge $100/hour to plug in an ipod to these speakers we got out of the back of a truck around Safeway on pay day and then talk shit about the people there into the mic while they dance to the YMCA then steal the circulating fifths of Jack Daniels floating past because the guy in charge has basically been just drinking it himself because, seriously, who wants shots from a big fucking bottle with their Aunt Whoever watching while they build up the courage to ask some girl to dance/make-out before drunk driving home and hitting a tree they couldn't see because the tears blurred their vision after being rejected by, then finding out they'd just hit on, their cousin who wasn't really even that hot so why, WHY did my mom encourage me to 'go for it, she's you're type!' ?"
Actually, yes, we are looking for a DJ, know any who fit this profile? Looking at you Pat:

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