28 May 2008

Links for the day

  1. Swarm!
  2. Food myths (expiration date, smexparation date!)
  3. Stunning, even glamorous, sea slugs.
  4. Cylon Baseships Run Windows XP?
  5. Icon sets, and more icon sets (good for use with RocketDock and Stacks)
  6. He-man's "hilarious accidental homo-eroticism"
  7. Bus + Train = This:
  8. If you are still not sure that cell phones are evil, this should convince you. Don’t ever try this! -(yes, it's fake, but a good fake) - via the Presurfer via Neatorama
  9. Shipping Container Architecture

    Photo: Peter Aaron / Esto - via Architecture and Hygiene

    It’s hard to believe that those ugly cargo shipping containers can make beautiful homes, but they do. WebUrbanist has a neat post about homes, offices, shopping malls and even hotels built from cargo containers:

    There are plenty of benefits of to the so-called shipping container architecture model. A few of these advantages include: they are plentiful, they are easily transported, they’re stackable, relatively inexpensive (as little as $900 for a used container), they can be prefabricated, and they’re extremely durable. Residential applications are also becoming a popular topic of conversation among green supporters.

    Link (via Neatorama)

  10. Powers of 10 video on the tubes.

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