15 May 2008

Getting "Getting Things Done" Started?

Well, this seems to be the most evangelically promoted book (by David Allen) since the Atkin's Diet, but too many folks I admire are into it for me not to give it some thought:

Getting Things Done

Well, here's where I've found good primers, intros, summaries, and ideas on how to begin. Mostly, it'll be good to clear out my gmail inbox and actually start using all the lists I make of things to do.

From what I gather, it's basically a way of making a to do list with emphasis on the do part. Everything is about getting all your plans on paper/gmail/google calendar and keeping that list up to date while just moving through it without fucking around during or inbetween your "next actions." (He's all about being ready to do something as soon as your done with whatever you're working on now ... stops you from screwing off I suppose). There's plenty more to it, that links above will tell you more than you ever wanted to know though.

I'll be archiving most of my emails tonight I guess.

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