13 May 2008

Get Rich Slowly and a few more money websites

So one site points to another and another and then you're on Get Rich Slowly and reading plenty of good financial tips.

My first few steps to begin after the wedding:
(1) Start an Emergency Fund - $1000-$2500 in a separate savings account for, well, emergencies.
(2) Open a high interest online savings account - probably ING, maybe another. Rates are supposed to go up soon, currently 3% or better is good.
(3) Start saving - $100/month for now if LRAP kicks in soon.
(4) Make a budget - good, simple spread sheets all over, I chose this one

Get Rich Slowly - general financial and frugal tips

Personal Finance (PF) Blogs - aggregator of other finance sites with no original content (which says that Blueprint for for Financial Prosperity is the most popular finance blog

Five Cent Nickel - General financial and frugal tips, look to their "most popular" rather than simply most current articles/posts (that's true of all these sites!)

No Credit Needed - railing against credit cards, good tips.

Mint.com's blog - mint is a good budget tracking tool, but they also aggregate some good financial advice.

The Frugal Law Student - seriously? Well, yes. Included for fun, not a ton of info on financials, but other good stuff about the law student era of your life.

Wise Bread - frugality, good stuff! This site has a dedicated following to the personality of it's author, the advise is fairly common, but well written often (not well written like literature, more like wacky radio show host).

The Simple Dollar - general financial site, some stuff about frugality, a bit more "adult" (i.e., wealthier people, not pr0n) stuff.

My Money Plan - kinda meta of other financial sites, a little too aggressive with credit cards and silly offers.

Consumerism Commentary - general financial tips, simpsons avatars which is a bonus

Clever Dude - general frugality, some more broad financial tips.

My Money Blog - general but good original content.

Money Smart Life - general financial and frugal tips

The Dough Roller - more about investment than frugality.

Credit Addict - meh, too much about credit cards, but an okay resource generally.


K said...

i highly recommend the blog "i will teach you to be rich" - he's a smart guy... www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/

i've learned a lot of stuff on there and lord knows, with these law school loans, I need all the help I can get!! :)

Abe said...

Since K mentioned another site, I decided to include a few more beyond Getrichslowly ... they are now included in the post above.