02 April 2008

So we're gonna be healthier now, eh?

So I'm getting married in a few months and have been dieting inconsistently since January 2007 when I weighed 326 lbs - currently 292.

I've ordered an exercise bike and will try to get 60 minutes each day (at home or on my Jamis Coda Sport - sweet) - when the weather and my job give me light enough to see by).

I use The Daily Plate to track my calories (it's the best calorie counting website available because it has a massive, user editable, food database - I put in the calories for Cheeseboard Pizza in it! I'm basically following the Hacker's Diet: How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition

Do you think I can lose 2-3 pounds each week for the next 14 weeks?

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