04 April 2008

BSG returns tonight - "There must be some way out of here"

Yeah, I'm one of those uber-geeks who was mistakenly allowed to bond with a female in spite of my ... well ... proclivities.

Yes, I watch Battlestar Galactica ... and it's back tonight at 10pm (7pm for you OnDemand types I suppose) after many of your human moon cycles 1) (2) (3) ... but seriously, it pales to our parent's generation of protest songs ... and protesting artists. Dylan vs. Dixie Chicks? Seriously? Dylan and Dixie Chicks ... caught in a hotel room ... holding down Ashcroft and forcing him to listen to "Let the Eagle Soar" on repeat ... that would be a start. Well, I guess that's not a song, but his muffled sobs would be music to many ears.

Better to stick to TMBG (again, I'm a geek) and Homestar Runner

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