06 March 2008

Post Bar Exam thoughts / which movies should I watch?

Was it fair? Eh, maybe (check back in May) other than that silly PT-A (screw your SoL, give him his money back you wacky lawyer!)

Was it reasonable? Of course not, $1,000,000 to her church then Sis gets friendly and manipulative and crazy? Man drown in tank of shit? Wills MBE questions?

Was it horrible? Yes, but not as bad as studying and working and explaining why everything is so screwy to your family/loved ones/dog/cats/gecko/internet forum friends (no, they don't count as "friends"). The studying was worse that the test for me, now I'm building a fort out of the barbri, PMBR, Bar Code, PT Maximizer, Bar Breaker, Survival Guide books and papers. The dog is terrified and fascinated by it.

Don't you wish you knew what the rules were for bigamists? Such an important area of California law, oy.

Hasn't remembering your short path to alcoholism been refreshing? Remember, hangovers are just the result of dehydration - drink two tall glasses of water and take a few Advils before bed, you'll be fine to work tomorrow.

Is your wife/husband, lover(s), mistresses/misters, baby's momma/daddy, role playing buddy (see internet forum "friends" above) happy to have you back or were they getting used to the tranquility your absence provided? You, umm, don't have to answer that. I'm sure your cat/children are happy you're feeding them regularly again at least.

Seems like there's less news about the Democratic primaries now that I have all day to check for updates rather than only looking once every other hour (I know, I'm sick, but this is a political junkies moist dream! Even Canada is getting in on the hot, dirty primary action).

Here's to everyone passing!


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Abe said...

Thanks for the links HTH, mostly talked about movies people are going to re-watch.

What about new stuff? I just watched the last few episodes of the wire (fantastic!) and Juno.

Next up (tonight?):
Beowulf (yeah, I'm a sucker for action CGI flicks)

Jumper (I liked the book along with Reflex - I'm a sci-fi nerd, give me a break =)

Something more brainy after that:
American Gangster (hey, I didn't say "smart" - just more intellectually demanding than Beowulf, eh?)

Any other ideas re: recent movies?

Anonymous said...

Check this out http://www.hulu.com.

Are you a member of Jdjinx.com?

Abe said...

Yeah, I'm a member on Jdjinx, but rarely post/read there ... so many mean spirited folks that the nice comments and people are shouted over too often so I basically leave it alone.

I'll check out hulu later when movies are in the works, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I guess thats what the mean spirted people want us to do. Stay away from JDjinx. Anyways, enjou Hulu.com. It's new and very nice.