21 March 2008

Fun with Cameras ... yes, more than one ... oy!/why?

I'm getting TWO new (well, one's used) cameras (the loser will be sold or returned by the end of April, we're not getting camera crazy here folks):

(1) The Canon S3 which can be hacked (found on eBay for $142!)

(2) The Canon A590IS ($160 on Amazon - use refundplease.com to watch for price drops and get a refund) which is the new version of the A570IS, the best selling point-and-shoot of 2007.

My review of the A590is:
Pros: The A590IS is the best point and shoot under $200 today (closer to $160 most places). I own an SD600 and my friend and father (different people mind you!) own the A570IS. The A590IS is the new version of the A570IS, 2007's best selling camera. Generally, see the rave reviews of the A570IS if you want to know the major pros and cons, but here I'll address the main improvements:

(1) The A590IS has 8mp vs. 6mp on the A570IS
(2) The A590IS is faster between shots (but SLIGHTLY slower before the first shot can be taken, less than .5 second difference according to CNet)
(3) It's charcoal/gray - minor but I like it
(4) It's ""rounder"" on the edges but no less stable in your hand, neither is too slippery like other overly polished cameras (also, no finger smudges as a result).
(5) There is sometimes increased noise with higher MP cameras, this is NOT the case here - noise levels are similar.
(6) there are some minor additional shooting modes and improvements to other shooting

The only change that is not an improvement is the lowering of the frames per second in the video mode.
A570IS: 640x480 = 30fps --- 320x240 = 60fps
A590IS: 640x480 = 20fps --- 320x240 = 30fps
Still quiet good, but this was a pointless change that is not appreciated -- the reality is that most people don't use video often and those who do will see a minimal difference ... if you're paying that much attention to the video you may be more interested in a different camera or a video camera.

This will be the best selling camera of 2008 (I predict elections too, yeah) and it's a safe purchase you won't regret (unless it gives you such a new found love for photography that suddenly you wish you had a Canon S5 or G7 ... which are more than twice as expensive!)
Yes, the review is lame, sorry.

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