21 March 2008

The election thing - simple thoughts

All other issues aside, and there are plenty, this thing is wrapping up:

794 superdelegates total, 332 who have not picked a candidate yet. Clinton would need over 200 of them - to get that she'd need to win the popular vote of the remaining states by about 67% (not happening).

Since March 4 Clinton has gotten 1 superdelegate, Obama got about 50 including Richardson today.

Clinton will win Penn. but by May 20 Obama will have a majority of delegates from the state primaries and caucuses (Oregon and others put him over the top by a good chunk that day).

Florida is out of a re-run. Michigan is unlikely but even if it goes, Obama polls even with Clinton there. So Obama will get it. Yay!

Make phone calls for Obama from home if you have a second:

On an unrelated note:
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  2. The New Republic on "Why White People Like 'Stuff White People Like'"
  3. Proposed show that will be "better than The Wire"
  4. DON'T stay off the grass - desire paths, like ants, but with people
  5. Balti cop tells all - reading for The Wire fans
Oh, and I'm going to New York to visit Ronnie next week - where should I go, what should I do/see/laugh at?

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