23 February 2008

More predictions from a tutor

Usually hit at least 4 out of 6 (sure you do =): but you never know:
1. full blown Civ. Pro (fed & ca);
2. full blown PR and maybe even a small PR x over on another essay;
3. Review Corp securities;
4. Review torts defamation;
5. review Comm Property (Pererra/Van Camp, especially)
6. full blown Crim Pro, with emphasis on 4rth, 5th and 6th.
7. I'd be ready for a full blown trusts essay.

As always, salt for everyone


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on predictions. Civ pro is killing me... But I bet they f** with us and put con law free speech on there again to get a good laugh.

Holden said...

Seems more likely Religion or association but speech is a favorite.

Civ pro will be fine:
1. Juxdn: (personal, subject matter, notice, venue)
2. Pleadings (complaint, challenging complaint, answer, amended pleadings)
3. Joinder of parties/claims (class actions, interpleader, impleader, intervention)
4. Discovery issues (DADIES)
5. Pre-trial conference (Simplify/determine issues, settle, prevent surprise)
6. Trial (right to, jury selection, jury verdicts
7. Trial/post-trial motions (judgment as a matter of law, renewed JMAL, new trial/different award, re-open, MSJ)
8. Final Judgment (Res judicata, collateral estoppel, full faith and credit)

Pie - I love pie.

Anonymous said...

What's DADIES?

Holden said...


Depositions (FRCP limit of 10, ct easy permission for more)
Admissions (general, etc)
Document requests
Interrogatories (CA limit of 35, Fed limit of 25)
Examinations (mental and physical)
Supoena (duces tecum - bring the evid requested to the court)

Anonymous said...

anyone think that PT A was hard as fuck?

Anonymous said...

Pie? I don't get it.

Holden said...


Pie - from dailykos.com

"pick your battles"