11 February 2008

Another useful blog about (re)taking the Bar exam

They seem more concerned about keeping their failure a secret than me ... not worried though, I'll get hired because have dirt on all my potential employers: they're lawyers. What? I should be worried? It's the reason HRC isn't getting the Democratic nomination? Fuck, now I'll never be president ... the dreams of another fat Jew are dashed by his bad academic record -- I'll have to be the guy whispering in the ear of the good looking politician I suppose. That, or stay they hell out of it.

A wiser man than me told me to just work on making the world better by being good to the people you are connecting with at the moment, the person across the table from you will benefit much more from your good graces and humor than all your good intentions for all the people you'll never meet. Advise it will probably take me 40 more years to really understand, and then I'll be too old to do anything about it other than tell some young a-hole to play nice.

Sorry, the cynicism is ebbing out today, one practice performance test too many (i.e., PT's > 0).

Yeah, look at:

Back to work folks, Obama ahead in the delegate count, I'm surrounded by jack in the boxes and pez dispensers with a yellow remote control airplane baring down on me ... what a weird day.

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