31 October 2007

Google maps of the Oakland taco trucks

We went taco truck tasting last night ...

(1) Sinaloa Taco Trucks and Taqueria International Blvd & 22nd Ave (excellent, good all arounder),

(2) El Novillo 1001 Fruitvale Ave, (in parking lot of Guadalahara Restaurant) great al pastor, great chicken (shredded ... yumm).

(3) El Ojo De Aqua taco truck Fruitvale Ave & E 13th St (ugg … not great, disappointing ... visible from El Novillo).

See http://www.chowhound.com/topics/450404 for a more detailed discussion of all things Oakland taco.

Any other recommendations?

25 October 2007

Evolution explained in 8 bit terms

Wow, excellent explaination ... this could have replaced 2 weeks of middle school science classes.

22 October 2007

Stop the junk mail! Seriously, tell them to stop here:

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