13 June 2007

Prof Whitebread says there are 3 levels of knowledge and understanding of the legal materials on the bar exam.

1. The Glib understanding where you've seen the material and get some of it

2. The point where you understand the problems with your understanding and can identify where you're lacking.

3. The point where you've overcome your problems and have a true understanding of the material.

He guarantees that you only need to get to the point of glib understanding and that no state's bar can ask anything more from you. It seems like just the opposite, but if you just think of a few lawyers you know *cough*Monica Goodling*cough* this starts to make a lot more sense.

12 June 2007

Got an MP3 player

Got an MP3 (and MP4 - video) player - The Meizu 4gb - like the iPod nano kinda ($99 at walgreens.com). Has FM radio, recorder, bigger screen, at least $30 cheaper =)
Amazon reviews
DAPreview.net review

11 June 2007

43 pounds lighter - new handlebars

My current weight loss -
326.6 on January 3, 2007
283.6 on June 11, 2007
43 pounds over about 6 months

And I'm planning on getting Albatross Handlebars for my new bike (they are a mix between mustache bars and north road bars)! Yay for swept back handlebars! I'm going to get the steel version which is 56cm wide (wide!) but this means a little bike project because it requires new brake and deraileur cables and housings since the angle will be substantially different. Fun with Missing Link's free tool workshop!

08 June 2007

Bar hotels and bike pedals

Wondering where to stay for the California bar exam? Here's the bar's list of recommended locations.

Wondering which pedals to put on you bike?
Here's what I'm looking at to replace the cheapo pedals that came with my Jamis Coda Sport:
Each will probably get some toe clips of the metal variety ... something like this:

What do you think? I'm leaning toward the MKS Touring pedals - "rat trap" type or some such =)

01 June 2007

Now Abe's the Sicko!

I've been sick for about 10 days now, fun way to start BARBRI.

I'm getting better after visiting the Tang center and being told I have the perfect set, and timing, of symptoms for URI (upper respiratory infection). Yeah, a cold.

My solution after talking with the doctor:
(1) Tons of water. Liquids of all kinds are good, water is best. Duh.
(2) Vitamins - A daily multi-vitamin plus extra vitamin C (total of about 2000% of the daily recommendation).
(3) Echinacea - NYTimes says it doesn't work, I say it doesn't seem to be bad for you and it might help so here goes nothing.
(4) Goldenseal - makes the throat feel a bit better even if it's curative powers are overstated.
(5) Sleep - Okay, I haven't been getting enough, but this is a big one.
(6) Humidifier - does it get rid of the cold? Nah. But it makes me feel better when I wake up.
(7) Long, hot showers - helps with productive coughing.
(8) Day/NyQuil - or whatever equivalent drug you prefer, most are Tylenol plus nasal decongestant, cough suppressant, and antihistamine for the night time version ... that's what makes you sleepy.
(9) Zinc - in the daily multivitamin, recommended by my doctor and chiropractor (for whatever that's worth). Doc said it's faily proven in helping end the cold faster. But he also said I'd be coughing for another week ... not that he's wrong, I just don't like hearing it so authoritatively.

Here's another list:

What do you do to get over a cold?

PS - no, I'm not contagious anymore and Megan didn't get sick so we can shake hands and be friends.