10 May 2007

Peets Coffee Democrats Unite! We'll take Starbucks too; Dem's love coffee the most!

I'd never heard of them until now, but apparently young, rich, moderately conservative (wah?), machiado guzzling suburbanites have been recently referred to as "Starbucks Republicans."

This gives a bad name to all the self-respecting suburban caffiene addicts - these people are not representative of Starbucks goers or suburbanites. Isn't there a word for those few wannabe hipster-ish, young, wealthy independents? Oh yeah, YUPPIES!

I don't, I think the coffee crowd has expanded, but not to the point of overwhelmingly conservative tastes. And I'll take the research of Ruy Texiera over some Rethug-lican pollster any day:

"About 58 percent of emerging suburban residents and 69 percent of true exurban residents are white working class – that is, are whites without a four year college degree. Only 23 percent and 16 percent, respectively, in these areas are college-educated whites."

"In terms of occupation, overwhelming numbers of emerging suburban and exurban workers do not hold professional or managerial jobs – 65 percent and 71 percent, respectively. In both types of areas, there are more construction and production workers than professionals and way more sales and office workers than managers."

I met Ruy once at the Century Foundation's Sagner fellowship ... he may be a number cruncher, but he's our number cruncher!

Funny thing is that Starbucks was inspired by, and initially got their beans from Peets ... kinda how Republicans reacted to Democratic grassroots activism by creating their own corporate version of grassroots activism then marketing it to the OC as a replacement for cocaine ... or something like that.

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