21 May 2007

Did the Simpsons backdown when Fox News threatened to sue them? (for this).

HELL NO! (no, no, no)

This was the best episode I've seen is years!

"Then I had this crazy dream that my family were all just cartoon characters and that our success led to some crazy propaganda network called Fox News." --Bart Simpson

Murrow, attacks on Fox news and the secret is almost revealed!

Please post any links to video you can find and I'll update this post.

Also, at the end of the show, you can go here to enter a contest to win 4 tickets for the premiere of The Simpson Movie this summer. Make sure you pay attention to the kind of animal that Homer is holding up the ceiling during the commercial.

And afterwards Family Guy does some of the same, fantastic ... plus Back to the Future references, comeon, good times.

Friends, the press and the government are in bed together in an embrace so intimate and wrong they could spoon on a twin matress and still have room for Ted Koppel.

Journalists used to question the reasons for war and expose abuse of power. Now, like toothless babies they suckle on the sugary teet of misinformation and poop it into the diaper we call the six-o'clock news.

Demand more of your government! Demand more of your press!

More from Family Guy (text from comments):
In the alternate future that Peter created by going back in time, Gore was President (and he hunted down Bin Laden...who was hiding in the cast of Mad TV)...Cheney (the CEO of Halliburton) shot and killed Scalia, Rove, and Tucker Carlson in a hunting accident.

They also mention that Gore's universal health care, zero tolerance for gun crime, and a well funded education system are the reason they cannot find a dead body (as a result of premature death or violent crime).

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