21 May 2007

Did the Simpsons backdown when Fox News threatened to sue them? (for this).

HELL NO! (no, no, no)

This was the best episode I've seen is years!

"Then I had this crazy dream that my family were all just cartoon characters and that our success led to some crazy propaganda network called Fox News." --Bart Simpson

Murrow, attacks on Fox news and the secret is almost revealed!

Please post any links to video you can find and I'll update this post.

Also, at the end of the show, you can go here to enter a contest to win 4 tickets for the premiere of The Simpson Movie this summer. Make sure you pay attention to the kind of animal that Homer is holding up the ceiling during the commercial.

And afterwards Family Guy does some of the same, fantastic ... plus Back to the Future references, comeon, good times.

Friends, the press and the government are in bed together in an embrace so intimate and wrong they could spoon on a twin matress and still have room for Ted Koppel.

Journalists used to question the reasons for war and expose abuse of power. Now, like toothless babies they suckle on the sugary teet of misinformation and poop it into the diaper we call the six-o'clock news.

Demand more of your government! Demand more of your press!

More from Family Guy (text from comments):
In the alternate future that Peter created by going back in time, Gore was President (and he hunted down Bin Laden...who was hiding in the cast of Mad TV)...Cheney (the CEO of Halliburton) shot and killed Scalia, Rove, and Tucker Carlson in a hunting accident.

They also mention that Gore's universal health care, zero tolerance for gun crime, and a well funded education system are the reason they cannot find a dead body (as a result of premature death or violent crime).

19 May 2007

PMBR 6 day notes ... should I post them?

I'll post my PMBR notes to googledocuments if anyone is interested ... just reply to this post.

Also, now is a good time to look for stuff on Craigslist if you in the market for anything ... people moving out of the dorms this weekend.

The guy on the left is Craig ... the shop he's in is at 9th and Judah in SF, it's where I started playing Magic the Gathering ... oy.

13 May 2007

I'm getting MARRIED to Megan Cherry!

Pictures and details to come ... basically I proposed during graduation at Boalt as I was on stage, everyone freaked out, Megan said YES!

10 May 2007

Prof. Tikka - glasses DO make you look smarter!

Yes, I'm one of those happy dog owners.
She's like a child but cheaper to feed, free to clothe.

My picassa gallery (google)

Peets Coffee Democrats Unite! We'll take Starbucks too; Dem's love coffee the most!

I'd never heard of them until now, but apparently young, rich, moderately conservative (wah?), machiado guzzling suburbanites have been recently referred to as "Starbucks Republicans."

This gives a bad name to all the self-respecting suburban caffiene addicts - these people are not representative of Starbucks goers or suburbanites. Isn't there a word for those few wannabe hipster-ish, young, wealthy independents? Oh yeah, YUPPIES!

I don't, I think the coffee crowd has expanded, but not to the point of overwhelmingly conservative tastes. And I'll take the research of Ruy Texiera over some Rethug-lican pollster any day:

"About 58 percent of emerging suburban residents and 69 percent of true exurban residents are white working class – that is, are whites without a four year college degree. Only 23 percent and 16 percent, respectively, in these areas are college-educated whites."

"In terms of occupation, overwhelming numbers of emerging suburban and exurban workers do not hold professional or managerial jobs – 65 percent and 71 percent, respectively. In both types of areas, there are more construction and production workers than professionals and way more sales and office workers than managers."

I met Ruy once at the Century Foundation's Sagner fellowship ... he may be a number cruncher, but he's our number cruncher!

Funny thing is that Starbucks was inspired by, and initially got their beans from Peets ... kinda how Republicans reacted to Democratic grassroots activism by creating their own corporate version of grassroots activism then marketing it to the OC as a replacement for cocaine ... or something like that.

02 May 2007

Loan exit exam answers

So you have to take this test and you're pretty sure about your answers. If you get less than 70% you have to re-take the test with different questions. Here were my questions and my answers
  1. The maximum repayment period under the Income Contingent Repayment Plan is 20 years
    1. False, 25 years.
  2. This is an exit counseling quiz for the Pell Grant Program
    1. False,
  3. After I graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment, repayment will begin in 3 months.
    1. false, 6 months
  4. Under no circumstances can I postpone payment on my loan(s)
    1. False, there a a few reasons to postone payment.
  5. There are no serious consequences if I fail to make loan payments on time
    1. False, duh.
  6. If I transfer to another school and will be enrolled at least half-time, I should contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center to request an in-school deferment
    1. True
  7. If I am in default on my loan, I can still receive additional federal student aid
    1. False, but see which says, " The only financial aid you can be considered for while in default on a student loan is the BOG Fee Waiver and scholarships."
  8. The repayment plan in which my payments start out low, then increase every two years is the. . .
    1. Graduated Repayment Plan
  9. When interest accrues on my loan(s) I may pay that interest or it will be added to the principal balance of my loan(s). If interest is added to the principal balance of my loan(s) it is called ______________ interest.
    1. capitalized
  10. To make payments on my loan(s), I may elect to receive monthly bills or have my monthly payment automatically withdrawn from my checking or savings account through...
    1. an Electronic Debit Account (EDA)
Submitting now ...

10/10. The $95,000 test, boo!

Anyone else want to share their answers?

3.0 quake by my house, fun!

Everything you need to know about BIKES!

I just finished my LAST FINAL EXAM EVER and am essentially done with law school!

And now what? Study for the bar until the end of July.

But I'll be riding my bike daily to keep from getting bigger and slower over the next few months. In that spirit, and in case you or anyone you know need ANY information about bikes (how-to repairs, detailed technical info, spiritual thoughts) go to:


And give me a call if you want to hang out before Boalt's graduation (5/12) and the beginning of bar study (5/14) ... of if you handing out beers during that time!