21 April 2007

Becoming a svelt Jew ... slowly

For anyone curious - I'm trying to lose weight (yeah, I'm fat, I'm working on it).

Here's my progress (publically displayed so you can hassle me is I start gaining weight or reaching for cookies or something):

I begin on 1/3/07 and weighted 326.5lbs
The last daily weigh-in was on 4/21/07, I weighted 291.2lbs

So I've lost 35.3 pounds in 108 days =
35.3 / 108 = 0.32685 ~ 0.327 pounds/day!
2.288 pounds/week!

I'm using The Daily Plate to count calories. There's another post on this site with a review of this and other such sites.

Now I want a cookie! Instead I'll ride my bike ... I guess.

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