17 April 2007

After seeing two kids (high school freshmen) shot ...

... I'll never own a gun and I will work to keep them away from others.

The guns that caused this most recent tragedy and nearly all the violent deaths and injuries in the US were legally purchased at one point or another. Preventing people from buying guns (or ammo) will also prevent guns from getting into the hands of people who will use them irresponsibly.

Would an armed student have stopped the attack on VA Tech? Maybe.

Did a (legally) armed student cause the rampage? Yes.

First thing McCain can do to all but suck face with the neo-con right after this? Point out that he likes guns.

I've been shocked by the comments here and on digg and beyond. More guns are not the solution, guns caused this problem. Legal, easily purchased guns.

I've watched 15 year olds literally have their heads shot through because they were being kids in front of school just after class let out for the day. The person who had the gun bought it legally. He bought the ammo legally. He carried the concealed weapon legally. And he was only caught because he was foolish enough to commit another crime days later only blocks away. He was using another legally purchased gun then too.

Yes, we have a history with guns that's part of our tradition. Yes, once they were an important part of our revolution. But militias are out and guns are killing thousands of innocents ... thousands that would not be saved if they too had guns. If more people had guns they would simply go off more often. Road rage a problem with people pulling out their car jacks? What if they were all packing? What if they all got just a little more scared (what, you're not scared enough by the BushCo war and finance machine!?!)?

Keep the guns out of the streets by making them illegal. It works and it may be the only way.

I don't want to explain why there's a cross in front of the school to any more parents. Flowers and teddy bears won't help, activism to make serious changes in gun laws will. Please, I don't want to hold any more kids hands while their friends bleed out waiting for the ambulance. I'm begging you, please, please, please.

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