25 December 2006

Having a Merry X-mas?

"Any idiot can learn to juggle chain-saws. It's the day-by-day, balloon-animal making that wears you down."

-Anton the Clown

21 December 2006

Working too hard on finals? Maybe it's time to take a break.


How long?


This much longer until the war with Iraq is won! (of the size of Dubba's whatsit).

Feeling a zen moment after finishing my last final for the semester:ZenCrossword.gif

My next paper will be about the Drug War - Spinach.jpg

But I can't ride my motorcycle as much if it keeps raining!


Though I've been thinking of upgrading to something that would fit in a little better for the trips home to Sonoma:

Well, if I have to stay indoors, at least I'll have more time to "mod" my OC'd computer:

Maybe not, you know how I get when I drink:

I just remembered the first time I got drunk (Calculus part in high school at Mehgan's house, good times) ... I think Travis White put my head inside a Bushc box (maybe it was Jon K and Natural Ice though):

These are just cute:


20 December 2006

18 December 2006

Are you getting enough spam?

Turns out I'm getting 72.1% spam (unsolicited emails) on my berkeley.edu account. The tech guys at work said they've noticed an up-tick in spam for everyone, so did their spam killing service provider.

Using a new program to deal with it called Popfile, here are my statistics:

The program reports that it has been correctly classifying spam almost 99% of the time (when it's wrong, 6 out of 520 times, I just "reclassify" the email and it adapts).

Anyone else noticed that they're getting more spam? What anti-spam program/service do you use?

Where does UncleZeb go with online free time?

In no particular order, these are some good time killing sites:
Digg (social news site)
Boingboing (interesting stuff blog)
Dailykos (political blog)
Fatwallet or slickdeals (deal websites)
Engadget (Electronics and tech blog)

Where do my friends go to waste time? (fixedgear.com, eh?) Post your time killing sites in the comments.