25 October 2006

Why does orange juice taste so bad after brushing your teeth?

My mom's a dental hygenist and I've always wondered, seems that now there's an answer to this age old question:

"a certain ingredient in toothpaste called sodium laurel sulfate. It actually blocks sweet sensors. All the other taste bud cells in your mouth are firing away nicely, but the receptors which pick up the sweet sensors are not working anymore. Not only does it block the sweet sensors, it enhances the sour and bitter, so you get this massive influx of sour and bitter taste coming through the mouth."

Also, only some people smell that funky asparagus pee scent:

NLG Annual conference in Austin - giving 'til it hurts

The National Lawyers Guild "Law for the People 2006" convention was held in Austin this past weekend.

The panels were uniformly GREAT (I laughed, I cried, I gave a power point presentation). The issues were broad from Katrina to immigration, from Loan Repayment Assistance Programs to ending prisoner rape.

We gave $50 from the Boalt Chapter on behalf of John Yoo =)

There was plenty of fun and socializing at night (Austin has great music, but they also have cheap beer ... new favorite: Loan Star, yip!).

Roger Toussaint,
2006 Law for the People Honoree

Rudy's BBQ was also my favorite chow spot ... dirty enough to be authentic, there was a mangy but happy cat watching us eat and some strange looking grackles watching the cat. Plus there's a toy store and coffe shop near by.

See you all at Shaking the Foundations this Friday and Saturday, October 27th and 28th. Lakoff and more! (thanks to the firm to my registration)

22 October 2006

How to engines work (or where's all that gas going)?

How to engines work? Hard to explain to kids or non-pyro-engineers. This video has a very simple explaination ... air plus fire: