11 June 2006

Calorie counter search bar

Here's a search bar for any food's nutritional info:

The Hacker's Diet ... a sign of desparation

Well, I'm going to give this weight loss thing a try. The strategy is pretty much in The Hacker's Diet and I'll be keeping track on http://blog.physicsdiet.com. Already bought most the food I'll need, loading up on water, and not eating late. We'll have to wait and see. Hoping to lose 30lbs over the next 10 weeks.

05 June 2006

Plaintiff's unite!

Well, after taxes my friends will be taking home about $1650 from their big corporate defense firm jobs this summer (that's a raw $2400/week, some are making more like $2500). This translates into about $17,000 over the summer, enough to pay for, well, the better part of tuition at Boalt (which is about $25,000/year plus and *estimated* $17,000 in living expenses, though the frugal can make due on MUCH less).

My friends at non-profit or public sector jobs all get $4,000 for the summer (untaxed Boalt Hall Grant) or more if they got other grants like the OC Scholarship available to more students this year than ever!

And for the plantiffs? It varies, let's use a hypothetical firm in Oakland, Ca. Salery is $30/hour for a 35-40 hour work week ... though time and a half at 41+ hours is $45. So a 50 hour week nets $1,650 or about $1,122/week (11,220 over the summer). There are no hot air balloon rides, but there are plenty of tickets to baseball and basketball games as well as free massage, cake every other week, and moral standing on the side of workers rather than corporations. Plus, we don't need to dress up if we don't want!

Just crunching numbers