13 February 2006

Elections coming up ... give some time and money! (plus my roommate got mugged!)

I have a hard time figuring out national politics, California seems to be fine when it comes to most Senate and Congressional seats, but other areas can use what help you can give (so far I'm in for $50 but when you add the interest I'll be paying on my student loans over the next 30 years it more like $75).

If you are thinking about pissing on Bush's parade in 2006 then give to some of the folks picked out by the researchers at ActBlue.com. Here's the list:


I've been to Florida for Get Out the Vote, I've walked door to door more than I care to talk about, and I've given money even though I owe $55,000. If you can skip a coffee or a new sweater that, let's be honest, you're not going to wear, then give a couple bucks to these pretty freakin' good candidates (and show the DLC corporate democrats that we need a real party, not any more Joe "Bush gave me a kiss" Liebermans!


An unrelated story, my roommate told my landlord that he was mugged/attacked by the mafia ... but he told a friend that he just left his wallet and phone in some random guy's truck after getting a ride home from him. He even told the Landlord to "look out for people walking by the house ... do you know if the mafia's strong in Berkeley?" He says he's moving to SF soon ...

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