04 January 2006

New Orleans - Day 9 - Rose Bowl, Misinformed about miners, Alice in Wonderland

Today was as normal as it gets around here. Breakfast consisted of more coffee or tea and less grits (sorry Dixie Gyro), but lunch as gotten even better with Steve's (yes, two days in a row - today was roasted chicken and Mac 'n' cheese, so good I wanted to take it home to my parents just to prove it to them but decided it was probably not a good idea since it may interest the bomb sniffing dogs which would be a bit much after waiting 10 minutes for them to wipe some tissue to look for chemicals or something). I finished some work for Mark, took on some calls for a returned attorney, Doug Carey, great guy though he won't let me call him Dougie. Some law firms in Los Angeles sent over some clothing from the lawyers who lost their business clothing in the storm, fun to watch them pick through it, wonder what the orange shoes are for, could get interesting with the cherry red blazer.

Some other students from the Law Student Hurricane Action Network (gosh, I'm sure I got the name wrong, but you get the gist of it) are huddled in the library, seem to be a few from Columbia, one working the summer at the same firm as one of our team (Wilmer I think). They're in the office for three days, two days at a disaster relief site. They were jealous of our accommodations at the Marriott Renaissance, yet more proof that Boalt beats Columbia in the rankings in spite of what some putz at US News thinks.

The night was spent in the French Quarter looking for knick-knacks to give friends and family then puttering around near Jackson Square staring at some crazy Calico cat sitting in a tree staring back at us. At the hotel we ate Dominos (yeah, it was late and we were lazy and cheap, okay?) while watching the Rose Bowl. I fell asleep before USC lost, but I wasn't as excited as I thought I'd be watching two teams I wanted to lose (sorry USC friends). After calling Megan to check in on her second day of teaching her own classroom (much better today!) I passed out, it's been a long week and that pizza probably had something in it (l-tryptophan is in cheese isn't? Yumm ... cheese Gromit!).

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