30 August 2005

Puppies and EBCLC

Matt got a puppy today!  It's a Westy, aka West Highland White Terrier:

Yes, it has already shit on the couch and floor and Matt's pants.  That being said, it's pretty freakin' cute ... in that "at least it's not a baby human" kinda way.

His name is Sam (a Spike Lee inspiration to be sure).


So I spent 10 hours at my "clinic" today, the clinic is a law school based program called EBCLC--the East Bay Community Law Center--where I volunteer but also get units for school.  We have a few departments at EBCLC which deal with basically the issues intersecting the law and poverty (housing, run-ins with the man, policies that keep the poor poor and the rich rich, HIV/AIDS, and others).  I work in a program called DeCOPP (though they're changing the name to DCP because some how someone got the idea that DeCOPP is anti-police, weird I know).  We help people "expunge" their criminal records amoung other things.  I was there for 10 hours today, longer than I expected since I had to have some time to create a meeting agenda and signup for the little soul selling event called "OCIP" where law students interview with mostly corporate defense law firms for jobs that pay $2400/week over the summer (and over your first year out of school if you are offered a position with them ... that's $125,000 right out of school which is pretty tempting for most because we all owe somewhere in the $60k-120k range in loans).  I'm applying to some plaintiff side firms but I really don't expect much; these firms are kinda sought after because they are frankly less evil, some are even pretty good at helping the folks that most law students wanted to help when they applied to school.  It give you an idea of my profound thoughts on the subject I first decided which firm to look into based on their support for KQED's "Fresh Air" ... yeah, Lieff Cabrazer =)  They are quite compeditive though because they have top lawyers and some great causes along with the standard (i.e. INCREDIBLE!) starting pay--really a rare combo in the legal universe.

Now I have about 3 hours of homework to do (who's glad they're back in school!)

PS - the count of people and animals currently living in our two bedroom: Jason (the new guy), Matt (dog owner/Alabaman), Megan, Abe, Osito (the pig), and Ratty (the, yes, rat).  Officially only Jason and I are here so don't spread any rumors on the internet(s)!

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