17 August 2005

Apartment hunting continued!

Well yesterday we looked at two great places and our applications are in. Our favorite is on Harmon/65th st on the Oakland/Berkeley boarder, it's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath (with unique shower panels, you'll have to come see them if we end up there) for $1395/month. The kitchen and rooms are big, there's a backyard that I think is shared, but better than the yard is the view from the back porch, looking out over the Berkeley/Emeryville flatlands toward the Bay Bridge. The house is old enough to be "cool" in the "it's not just a stucco and plywood rectangle" sense, but most everything seems to be in great working order (there's even a mechanical door release lever at the top of the stairs, one of my favorite parts). We talked with the owner for a while and he seemed very together; long time Berkeley type and actually interested in talking with tenants to find a good match ... and he can have his pick from amoung many since there have been 4 or 5 groups of people looking at his place each time we stop by (going again today to drop of more info and tomorrow with Matt).
Matt's coming back today and we're taking him to the next open house, I'm sure he's going to love it though. He should be over Taipae right now and arriving in SF at 7:20 tonight. He should have some pretty good stories about Nepal so stay tuned.
We looked at a few other places yesterday, one was pretty good but there were so many other people there it's hard for me to stay optimistic. It was a nice place with parking, but really I think Megan would prefer the Harmon st. house (I bet Matt would too).

Dated gift: my dad found a mailed gift for me from my brother John from about 8 months ago (x-mas is John's favorite holiday) ... inside was a 2005 Dilbert calendar. Since I missed the last 8 months they will be my nighttime reading material tonight ... certainly better than the reading that is coming up (school starts on August 22, I hope we manage to get this apartment before then or soon thereafter).

Thanks to everyone who has been offering us their space, I'd hate to call on you guys (or move my stuff twice) but I do appreciate it.

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